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“Every man’s life is a fairy tale written by God’s fingers.” 

–- Hans Christian Andersen


rom the earliest days of human civilization, our ancestors recognized an important need. They had to communicate, and they set out to find a way. Their first "language" might have been a primitive array of gestures and grunts, but in time they gave names to the things around them. They spoke, they wrote,

they left behind records of their history. These advances became possible through the invention of a device that we call "words." Cave drawings and hieroglyphics yielded to alphabets; the stone tablet gave way to the scroll, the woodcut, movable type, the codex, and the iPad. And here we are.


    Here at WordWise Media Services, words are our business. We're a tight-knit group of professionals with diverse

skills and specialties, helping people string words together to tell a story as effectively as they can. We offer a wide range of services to the publishing industry, helping writers and readers find each other.

Our company started out in 2005 as a manuscript critique and editing service for aspiring authors. In this capacity, we tackled hundreds of assignments on every subject from credit repair to weight loss to Bible study to yoga. Many of our clients expressed their gratitude by sending us a copy of their book upon publication. In time we received referrals from publishers, colleagues, and former clients. And life was good. 





A couple of years later, we answered the call to manage a writers' conference in the suburbs of Los Angeles. In the course of this project we built an extensive network of authors, editors, publishers, agents, and other industry professionals. The conference grew and thrived each year, and we never imagined that we might someday call upon that network for a different purpose...

We placed an ad on Craigslist, to promote the editing service. The response was fantastic, as we hoped. Then came an inquiry from a film producer who asked us to do something new: To broker several book deals, based on his screenplays. We hesitated; that's what an agent does! Certainly there were others more qualified.  



Fall 2023

113 books


But why not? Through our many editing and conference connections, we already knew the people we needed 

to make it happen. Challenge accepted. While those projects never came to fruition, the experience gave us

new confidence and a new vision: We hung out a shingle as a literary agency in early 2011. And here we are.

We signed our first representation client (a referral) within a few weeks, and sold her book to a Big-5

publisher (with a huge advance!) within five months. (For those not familiar with the process, that's pretty

good.) With over a hundred deals now under our belt, this new frontier is exciting, and continues to surprise us.

We receive referrals and speaking invitations from unexpected places, and our books win awards. Our fondest

dreams have come true.

Today we have three agents and three editors, and we've gathered a competent team of readers who help us evaluate the manuscripts of potential clients. Together, we can help you make that all-important good first impression.

Our authors have won these awards, and others:

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