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Tough Love for Writers: Take Charge of Your Writing Career

Today’s publishing environment offers new and unprecedented opportunity for new writers to make their

mark. New business models and whiz-bang technologies make it easier than ever, to get a book on the

market. But here’s the other half of the equation that no one talks about: As we crank out more and more

new titles each year, the pool of retail buyers remains unchanged. (How many books can you read in a

year?) Today’s market is more competitive than it has ever been, and far too many new authors rush in

without educating themselves. 


If you seek guidance in Internet chat rooms and message boards, you’ll find a pile of bad advice from

angry people with no credentials. They want to turn you into a victim, by making you suspicious of

everyone and everything. You might have had a bad experience with an agent or editor, but they’re not

responsible for the success of your career. You are.    

You’re not just writing a story; you’re building a business. The industry hasn’t changed as much as you think. Self-publishing is not the liberating experience that you expect. And you might be looking for love in all the wrong places. In this interactive workshop, we will examine the workings of the publishing industry. Why do some books succeed, while so many fail? Bring your questions, your thick skin, and your hard-learned lessons.

Many teachers will fill your head with unearned praise, unrealistic expectations and pat answers. Steve will tell it like it is.



Topics will include:​

  • Why you’re not getting published          

  • Working with an agent

  • Let’s read that publishing contract

  • Who do you  trust?

  • Before you jump into self-publishing


This master class can be configured to run anywhere from two to four hours, to fit into the schedule of your event.

  • The market

  • Pitching your manuscript

  • It's who you know

  • Educating yourself

  • Managing expectations

  • It's harder than you think

  • What not to say to a publisher

  • Following trends

  • Protecting your work (copyright)

  • How to build your brand

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