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Legal Stuff

Thank you for visiting the online home of WordWise Media Services, a California company (formerly City Boy Enterprises, LLC). Our company name is shared by a company in Australia, one in South Africa, and another in Taiwan. We have no connection to them whatsoever.  


All content on this website (except the illustrations and book covers) is © 2005-2023 by WordWise Media Services. All illustrations and book covers remain the property of their respective owners. 


Unforeseen events. For electronic submissions, we are not responsible for data files lost or corrupted due to any malfunction of your computer, fax, email server, or other equipment. As to paper manuscripts (which we rarely handle), we are not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage in transit.



When we submit your work to publishers, we will share only as much information as is necessary for each stage in the process. Apart from that, we will never share your information with anyone, without your permission (except in obedience to a court order or subpoena). Your computer won't receive any type of cookies or spyware from browsing our site (we're just not that sophisticated!). However, if you follow a link from our site to another site, we cannot warrant what their privacy policies might be.


If we decline to represent your work (or if you decline our acceptance), we will delete all of your files from

our computers, and destroy any paper manuscripts, within 90 days.

We don't give legal advice. Our staff are trained as agents and editors, not lawyers. For this reason we are not qualified to dispense legal advice with any of our services. If you hire us to evaluate your publishing contract, our feedback will be based on standard industry practices and conventions. Please be aware that nothing in said contract (notwithstanding possible fraud or non-performance) is subject to government regulation at any level in the United States.


No guarantees. Whether you hire us as agent or consultant, we can only offer our best advice and our best efforts. We cannot promise that your manuscript will ever be accepted by a publisher. No one can. If you should be dissatisfied with our service, we will make every good-faith effort to resolve the matter in a fashion that is acceptable to both parties. 

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