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One Degree of Separation

You can fix anything but a blank page.
  --Nora Roberts

I met author Ray Bradbury at a bookstore.

"Octo-Mom" Nadya Suleman lived in my neighborhood.

My mother attended high school with singer Vikki Carr.

I had the same acting teacher as Leo DiCaprio.

I met actress Doris Roberts at a movie theater in Hollywood.

Michael Jackson's wife, Debbie Rowe, lived in my neighborhood.

Presidential aide H.R. Haldeman was a frequent guest in a restaurant where I worked.

In my youth, I broke into the office of L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley. Went home with a pen and business card from his desk.

I attended college with actor Ralph Carter, of the CBS sitcom GOOD TIMES.

Director Alfred Hitchcock made his last movie, FAMILY PLOT, on my street.

Author Jerry Jenkins signed a book for me.

"Hollywood madam" Heidi Fleiss lived down the street from us. Her father was my mother's doctor.

My mother attended high school with designer Bob Mackie.

I had lunch with ambassador Andrew Young.

Walt Disney lived a block away from my childhood home.

I served on jury duty with Judge William Keene, who also presided over the trial of Charles Manson.

General Alexander Haig was a frequent guest in a restaurant where I worked.

Actor R. Lee Ermey lived in my neighborhood.

I met actress Maureen McCormick at Trader Joe's.

Senator Bob Dole was a frequent guest in a restaurant where I worked.

O J Simpson autographed a football for me.

I appeared on the NBC Today show with Jane Pauley.

My second-grade class wrote letters to Governor Reagan. He wrote a personal response to each of us.

I met UCLA basketball coach John Wooden at a donut shop in Encino.

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