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About Steve

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.

-- E.L. Doctorow

What Not to Say (WD Conf)Steven Hutson
Workshop from Writer's Digest Conference in Los Angeles, October 2016 "What not to say to an agent"

"Steven has participated in our conference, both as a speaker and as a Literary Agent listening to pitches from authors. He has gone beyond the call of duty, providing sound advice to writers and coaching them to improve their book ideas. Beyond being competent and capable in those capacities, Steven is warm and friendly, and writers find him very approachable. I'll keep inviting Steve back as long as he's willing and able to attend--he's THAT good!"

--Scott Evans, Director

   Conference on Creative Writing

   University of the Pacific

"Steven has spoken to both of my organizations, and always delivers a quality presentation. He is soft spoken when possible but delivers tough love when necessary to his audience. He is well-prepared and well liked by attendees. I highly recommend him as a speaker for all events for writers, from aspiring to active. "


--Tony N. Todaro

   President, The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society 

   Executive Director, West Coast Writers Conferences

"Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement when we met at the conference, and for a critique of my children's book. Also, your seminar on publishing was excellent; lots of good information."                          --Conference student



"What a gift you are. However things turn out, God sent you to this conference so that I have a warm, kind image to put with the word agent. Never lose the nurturing energy you bring to this business. That's your edge!"             --Conference student

  • I had the same acting teacher as Leo diCaprio. For some reason he got the girls, the fame and riches, and I didn't.
  • I appeared on the NBC Today Show with Jane Pauley.
  • O. J. Simpson autographed a football for me.
  • I grew up a block away from the former home of Walt Disney. My address was 1206, and his was 1307.
  • I worked for a restaurant where my customers included White House aide H.R. Haldeman and General Al Haig.
  • My grandfather, and his father, invented the first self-propelled parade float. Some of these floats appeared in the Tournament of Roses Parade in the 1920s and 1930s.
  • Alfred Hitchcock made his last movie in my neighborhood. 
  • My cousin designed a print ad campaign for Hot Wheels. His brother directs the TV series, Kung Fu Panda.
  • My mother attended high school with singer Vikki Carr and designer Bob Mackie.
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