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Fiction writing is great. You can make up almost anything. 
- Ivana Trump


The Publishing Contract. Just when you are rejoicing that your book is going to be published, you receive a thick envelope in the mail — the dreaded publishing contract. This seminar will explain the clauses in a standard book contract, from a layperson’s perspective. (Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t dispense legal advice!)


A Fly on the Wall in a Publishing House. This seminar takes you on a “fly’s-eye-view” of how publishing decisions are made, and gives you some tips on what you can do to get your material off the slush pile.


That Reminds Me of a Story… One of the nonfiction writer’s greatest tools is the use of anecdotes and illustrations. This workshop shows you where to find good stories, and gives practical examples of how they can enhance your writing.


Editing Your Own Material. It’s a basic fact of human nature — we tend to be blind to our own mistakes. (Otherwise, we wouldn’t make the same ones over and over again!) These tips on self-editing show you how to step out of your skin — to be “objective” in the truest sense of the word — and smooth out the rough spots in your manuscript.


Book Proposals: The Front-End Method. Maybe one in ten book proposals is complete and well-prepared. Why? Because most authors go about it backwards, and it’s a process doomed to failure. This workshop shows you how to prepare a simple and successful proposal.


How to Write When You Really Don’t Want To. What is this phenomenon called “writer’s block” and what is the motivation (or in this case, the lack of motivation) behind it? This workshop will help you learn how to give yourself a psychological kick in the pants.


More than Just a TranscriptTurn Your Preaching or Speaking into Writing. Are you a preacher or teacher? Do you do public speaking of any sort? If so, you no doubt have wondered how to put the content of your messages, lectures, etc. into written form. This workshop helps you move beyond a mere transcript to a polished piece.

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