Call for Submissions

You can fix anything but a blank page.
  --Nora Roberts

n the 1984 movie GREMLINS, a young man is charged with the  care of an exotic new pet. But he has been warned: don't get it  wet, don't feed it after midnight, and don't expose it to bright light. But 

he breaks all three rules, and havoc ensues.

We envision a series of books with a similar theme, each by a different author, where the protagonist is given three rules to obey. You take it from there; make it funny, make it dramatic, make it profound. We are currently engaged in negotiations with several publishers, to take on these books as a series or even a new imprint.

Intrigued? Show us what you’ve got. Write us a novel, in keeping with the customary word count for your genre. Anything except picture book or erotica. Please no chainsaw murders or abundant foul language. Help us help


you, and show us only your best work. Beta readers are good; professional editing is even better.


Are you up for a challenge? Prepare a query form, plus your complete manuscript. (See instructions below.) Also write a one-page synopsis, single-spaced. Send these documents as attachments (MS Word only) in a single message, to 

Also, prepare a fiction book proposal, but don't send it just yet. 

In the meantime, send us a quick email to let us know that you're interested. All submissions must be received no later than December 31, 2018. If your story is accepted, we will notify you no later than April 1, 2019. We will ask you to sign an exclusive contract (for this project only) with our agency, for a period of one year. 

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